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A special feature of the Senior year is the Senior Thesis. Each senior must submit either a researched thesis, a work of creative writing, or a project in the visual or performing arts. Participation in service to the community is an additional graduation requirement.

Most students undertake college-level work in their last two years, and many receive college placement and credit through the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Program. Priory offers the opportunity to take 14 different AP exams.

Independent Study is an option for exceptional students in their junior and senior years.

An advisory program is present in both our Junior School and High School. It consists of small groups of students from different grade levels who, together with a faculty member, meet regularly to discuss topics (i.e., family expectations, respect), perform community service, and act as a "family within a family" in order to provide help and support to classmates.

Twice each week students and faculty come together to pray and share experiences which have contributed to their greater understanding of and appreciation for their faith. In addition, the liturgy is celebrated each Friday.

Priory is known for its contribution to the art of Calligraphy. The School has a Guild to which students may apply, and after demonstrating a certain level of proficiency, may earn the title of "Master." Students can also learn the art of working with stained glass while at Priory.

Summer reading is a requirement of students at all levels.

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