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We did it again in 2010!
Summary of the ABC League Meet by Coach Gleich

Last year we were the underdogs and no one was looking for us at the League race. Our victory over Lutheran South was clearly an upset. This year we had seen all of the other teams race a number of times and we felt that we could win it all if we ran the race we were capable of running. Going into the race as the favorite is not necessarily an advantage. The other teams are gunning for you, and you have a tendency to believe your own press clippings. All week we stressed the “team” approach and we certainly had studied Principia’s course. We were ready to rumble when the gun went off.


In our minds we had spotted the League teams the first five spots. We had seen MICDS’s two good runners, Lutheran South’s top runner had done extremely well at Borgia, and John Burroughs School had two strong runners. We figured that our top pack could compete with everyone else in the League. For the first mile of the race it went pretty much as we expected with Brad Hart from Lutheran South and Jordan Mann from MICDS running neck and neck in the lead. Priory had three runners between 6 and 10 and 3 more between 12 and 16 at this point. For a twisty and tilted course the pace was pretty quick, especially when you consider the number of bridges you had to cross. By the time the runners shot down the double S curve hill, Priory had pushed four runners, John Cole, Doug Brooking, Kyle Hill and Spencer King, into the top ten. Zach LaVallee was running surprisingly strong as our 5th man in 15th place. Nick D’Orazio was just behind him in 17th. The last mile John Cole took off and rapidly closed the gap on Burroughs’ second runner. John had not beaten him all season so John really got into the hunt. His effort pulled Spencer along and as Spencer went, so did Kyle and Doug. The race to the line saw John nose out Kirk Smith from JBS by less than 1 second for 5th place. Spencer, Doug and Kyle brought it home in a pack in 8th, 9th and 10th. Zack ran his heart out to finish in 16th place completing our top five. Just about 30 seconds after the race ended, Fr. Paul had the team scores tabulated (even before the printer could spit out the results). It was closer than we thought it would be, but Priory had “done it again” besting MICDS by 10 points. Here are the results: John Cole 5th in 17:37 (a new PR), Spencer King 8th in 17:57, Doug Brooking 9th in 18:04, Kyle Hill 10th in 18:06, Zach LaVallee 16th in 18:41 (also a new PR), Nick D’Orazio 18th in 18:54 and Ryan Donlin 22nd in 19:16. For the team score Priory had 48 points, MICDS 58, Lutheran South 70, JBS 78, Lutheran North 109 and Principia 141. John made FIRST TEAM ALL-LEAGUE while Spencer, Doug and Kyle made SECOND TEAM ALL-LEAGUE. A Great race with a Great pack!


It was going to be pretty hard to improve on the JV results from last year when Priory scored a perfect 15 points at the League race. Nevertheless, Captains Kyle Hill and John Cole pumped up the JV squad on Thursday when they stressed the dominant “tradition” that Priory has had at the JV level over the past 15 years. This helped motivate a squad containing a number of strong freshmen runners. The starting line of the race was a sea of red and blue as the Priory team contained twice as many JV runners as the rest of the League combined. The horde was off at the crack of the gun and Priory quickly surged to the front by the 800-meter mark, occupying six of the top seven spots. It was Brian Steiner and Jack O’Brien leading the pack with Quentin Amice just behind Jack. James Capps, Joey Pasque and Clayton Petti made up the second pack that was separated from our top runners by a lone JBS man. Things didn’t get any better for the opposition by the 1.5 mile mark as Steiner and O’Brien were joined by Tim Avery who was running like a man possessed. He had a personal score to settle as three of his classmates had bested him in the Borgia race. The rest of the top 15 runners had only three harriers who weren’t wearing red and blue. As the top 15 were passing by, someone hollered to Coach Gleich that Andrew Cammon was hurt. Coach took off backwards on the course as the Priory horde passed him in droves. He found Andrew back about 800 meters doubled over in pain. His upper abdominal muscle on his right side was killing him. While the two of them slowly made their way back to the split in the course, Priory boys were slogging it home in record numbers. The phrase “from fore to aft they felt our draft” accurately describes what was happening! Our only surprise was a lone Principia runner who snuck up on O’Brien and Steiner, taking control with about 800 meters remaining and stealing the race from Steiner. Nevertheless, you don’t win the team score with one runner and we had five runners in the top seven spots with two of them freshmen. Priory steamrolled the opposition, taking 13 of the top 16 places and medaling 18 runners. All of these guys ran under 21 minutes on a twisty, winding course with an uphill finish. Clearly, it was a team effort that resulted in Priory scoring a low 23 points to second place Principia who chalked up 64. Here are the medalists and their times, but too many others to mention also ran PR’s for the year. Well done JV!! Brian Steiner 2nd (19:46), Jack O’Brien 3rd (19:55), James Capps 5th (20:10), Tim Avery 6th (20:14 PR), Charlie Lohmann 7th (20:22), Joey Pasque 8th (20:27), Clayton Petti 9th (20:33), Quentin Amice 11th (20:40), Nicky Sarai 12th (20:44), Patrick Lindmark 13th (20:45), Richard Mazuski 14th (20:53), Derrick Swaney 15th (20:54 PR), Peter Hilboldt 16th (20:55), Jack Herr 19th (21:04 PR), John Menteer 20th (21:10), Andrew O’Sullivan 21st (21:11 PR), Zach Weiss 26th (21:20) and Dan Martin 27th (21:28)

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