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1. Navigate to the NetClassroom Login Page. If you have not done so, save this as a bookmark for future use. Use your User ID and Password to login to the system. Please remember that this login and password may not be the same as you use for Camelot or your email.

Schedule Printing Step 1

2. Click on Registration.

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3. We recommend using the Grid format for viewing your schedule.  Make sure you’ve:

  • Selected the correct School (HS or JS) and Academic Year.  Then select the term.  Please note that future terms may not be available near the beginning of a prior term.
  • Make sure all of your information prints properly including rooms for each class by choosing a time interval of 6 minutes or less.
  • Print the schedule in landscape instead of portrait, or Friday and possibly Thursday will get cut off.

Schedule printing step 3

4. If your browser does not have menu options that allow you to readily print, click somewhere on your schedule then if you are using a Windows PC, hold the Ctrl key and press P to print.  For Macintosh computers, click anywhere on your schedule and press and hold the command key and press P to print.


Mr. McLaughlin writes...

Brandon McLaughlin

I was born and raised in the town of Cape May in Southern New Jersey. Having grown up within about 5 minutes of the beach, my love for the ocean, salt air, and surf will always remain with me. After my sophomore year in high school, I became an open water lifeguard at Stone Harbor Beach Patrol and remained there for 7 summers. This was a great summer job for me as it allowed me to compete in swimming and running events year-round, a great supplement to my athletic career during the school year.

After high school, I moved on to pursue my undergraduate education in a small liberal arts school called York College of Pennsylvania, continuing to run track & field throughout college. I entered as an undeclared major with a largely undeclared future and quickly became interested in psychology and the philosophy of human nature. I decided to focus my studies in psychology while supplementing in biology as much as possible to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms that facilitate human emotion, behavior, motivation, and perception. As I delved deeper into these topics, I decided that a career conducting research in neuroscience and genetics, while also teaching in academia, would be a fitting career path. Before heading to graduate school, I decided to take a year off to do some traveling and ended up spending about 4 months in the jungles of Southern Peru working as a research assistant to an ornithologist. This trip allowed me to begin fulfilling my dreams of world travel. I was able to experience interesting cultures, dispositions, and the human condition in an entirely new way.

Upon returning to the U.S., it was back to the lab for me. I decided to head to Temple University for graduate school to study biology and put myself on a trajectory towards a career in academia. While there, I began working in a developmental genetics lab and focused on studying behavior from a molecular genetics perspective using zebrafish as a model organism.

Throughout my studies I slowly became more interested in teaching, mentoring, and sharing the gift of knowledge with others. I was encouraged by my advisor to apply for a National Science Foundation Fellowship that would allow me to work in a high school part time, bringing my science into the classroom while simultaneously testing the waters of teaching in a secondary school setting. As it turned out, I loved being in the high school setting and dealing with students that were fascinated by having a scientist in the classroom. I began bringing zebrafish into the classroom as much as possible, something that the students seemed enjoy and look forward to when I would visit. It was an entirely new way for them to experience learning biology. Over a single school year, I was able to watch these students grow and become more interested in learning science. So, it was decided; I would begin looking for a career teaching in the secondary school setting. 

During my search, Priory got a hold of my application materials through a third party recruiting agency that I was working with and contacted me. After a series of great conversations and a visit to campus, I was offered the opportunity to do what I love in an interesting part of the country that I had never even been to before. I look forward to my first year as a full-time science teacher and coach and the chance to share my experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm for science with the community. I anticipate both a productive and enjoyable experience here at Priory where I can continue to learn, grow, and most importantly, teach. Go Rebels! 


Fleur de Lis

The St. Louis-Lyon Sister Cities Organization and La Société Française de Saint Louis will host a special Mass in French to commemorate the feast day of Saint Louis, King of France, namesake of our city and our Abbey, and celebrate his 800th birthday.

Monday, Aug. 25
6 p.m.
St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
1408 S. 10th St., St. Louis (10th and Park)

More information


washers tournament

Fathers' Club President Mr. Drew Dubray writes...

We had a fun event with over 80 participants, chaired by this year's Junior School Representative Bob Shallenberger and Fathers' Club Vice President Doug Drysdale. This year, many thanks go out to Form II Fathers' Club Ambassadors and their sons, along with Mary Rhodes in the Development Office, for their help with set up, running the tournament and answering questions about their Priory experience. Our Form I Communications Rep., Jody O'Sullivan, was there with his son Michael. Also in attendance were our Headmaster, Father Gregory, and Principal, Dr. Jared Rashford.

Have a great start your school year and welcome to the Priory family!   

1st place 2nd place 3rd place
1st Place: Christian Wagner and his dad, Dan 2nd place: Peter Weaver and his dad, Earle 3rd place: Luke Parent and his dad, Jake



This Saturday's varsity football game against Soldan will be played at Priory at 10 a.m., rather than the originally scheduled road game later that day. This change has been reflected on the football schedule.


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