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Making Your Way Through The Application Process: A Guide For Parents And Students

We recognize that there are anxious moments as a parent as you stare over a blank application form or prepare to send their child off to a “foreign” school for a campus visit. Perhaps you wished, as have many parents before you, that there was someone who could give you the inside scoop and tell you how the process works, what to do in a handful of tense situations and what each individual school is looking for in a student.

Our “Thinking About Priory?” booklet is our attempt to do just that for parents like you who are considering our School for your son. Think of it as your “How To Apply To Priory” guidebook that leads you through the process and helps you understand more about our School, what we are seeking in a candidate and, most importantly, whether Priory is a good fit for your son.

What we want for each boy who comes to look at Priory is really rather simple: We want your son to be HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL. What’s more, we truly hope that he can find that happiness and success at Priory.  But we also know that Priory isn’t the right spot for every boy. We consider it our distinct privilege to help you sift through the information, give you whatever guidance we can and help you to make the most informed decision possible.  

In the end, we place our trust in Christ, relying on Him to direct us all, and confident that He will bring to fruition His will for each young man who stands excitedly on the threshold of his future, eagerly waiting to fulfill his full potential as a child of God. Through it all, please be assured of our prayers.  

Please click HERE if you would like a copy of this helpful and informative booklet.

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