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Drew DubrayWhen Fathers' Club president Drew Dubray and his wife Julie moved to Germany for 3 and a half years, everyone in the town of 2,300 people knew who the Americans with three boys under age 5 were. 

"We stuck out like a sore thumb," Drew joked, saying that items the boys left behind in stores would end up back at their house because their neighbors would deduce that's where they belonged.

Their sons are now a Priory alumnus, Taylor, '14, who just started classes at Belmont University, and two current Priory students, senior Cory and sophomore Christian. 

Drew, a Cleveland native, moved to St. Louis after meeting his wife, a Villa Duchesne alumna, at the University of Dayton. There, he studied Industrial Engineering, but moved into manufacturing management and later obtained an MBA from Washington University. He works for Takara Belmont, a Japanese company that makes equipment for dental offices, salons and spas. "I've been in St. Louis now for 23 years, and I've enjoyed it very much," he says. "It really does feel like home now."

His work has taken him all across the United States and Europe, where his time in Germany put him in charge of a territory stretching from Ireland all the way to Israel. He says his favorite places that he's visited include South Carolina ("Charleston is one of my favorite towns,") and southern Germany and northern Switzerland ("That's an area Julie and I want to explore more once the boys are out of the house.") Outside of work, he says he's a "bad golfer," and enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. Also a skier, Drew and Julie take the boys on an annual ski trip to different resorts out west, making sure to find places where they can ski and the boys can snowboard.

When it comes to his goals and ideas for the Fathers' Club, Drew cites a saying his grandfather taught him: "More hands make light work." He wants to engage more of our dads and get more of them involved. "We've had good numbers at our events, and there's never a shortage of volunteers, but there's always a core group who's volunteering and it'd be good to get them some breaks," he says. "Being a Priory parent is a whole different experience when you're participating in things, whether it's through the Fathers' or Mother's Club, athletics, or anything else. It's important to get as many of our dads engaged in that as possible."


Alumni mother JoAnne Neukum writes...

When Father Gregory introduced shared lectio to Priory students fifteen years ago, some parents became interested also. As a result, there are now 6 different lectio groups for adults that meet at the Abbey.  A new women’s group will meet in the evenings starting Sept. 4 (Thursday) from 7 -8 p.m., adding an evening offering to the already-successful daytime groups. The monks have graciously reserved the large monastery conference room for our use. All the other groups meet weekly, but this evening group will meet on the 1st ,3rd, and 5th Thursday evenings of every month. One of the Benedictine lay oblate women will lead the sessions.

No experience is needed to appreciate the goodness of lectio. There is no homework or study involved. A copy of the upcoming Readings and Gospel for Sunday is provided to each participant to aid the shared lectio process. Shared lectio is a slow, contemplative prayer time where sharing is always optional. Ten minutes of silence is included in the hour for meditation or reflection after the readings are read aloud. This tried and true form of prayer has been practiced privately by monks for centuries and is very conducive to sharing in a small group setting. It is a simple prayer form, but very powerful.

You are invited to visit or observe this group process on any Thursday evening we meet in the monastery, including the first session on Sept. 4. Please come for a welcoming Benedictine prayer time that focuses on the Word!


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