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Faculty & Staff

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Name Position Email Phone
Allee, Ms. Stephanie Vocal Music
Anselm, Mrs. Sherri Assistant to the Director of Admissions 314-434-3690 Ext 101
Bander, Mr. William B. Science, Athletics 314-434-3690 Ext 149
Bennett, Father Ambrose, O.S.B. Theology, Library 314-434-3690 Ext 375
Broer, Ms. Carole French, Art History
Brunner, Father Michael G., O.S.B. Theology 314-434-3690
Bussen, Mr. Timothy J. English 314-434-3690 Ext 235
Carroll, Jr., Mr. Ronald Thomas Classical Languages 314-434-3690 Ext 112
Cazabonne, Ms. Cristina Modern Languages 314-434-3690 Ext 125
Clark, Mr. Timothy E. English 314-434-3690 Ext 119
Collier, Mrs. Beth A. Associate Director of College Counseling 314-434-3690 Ext 143
Combs, Mr. Martin D. Dean of Students-Junior School, Assistant Athletic Director 314-434-3690 Ext 217
Davis, Dr. Andrew Mathematics
Dolce, Father Linus, O.S.B. Chaplaincy 314-434-3690 ext 386
Doss, Mrs. Stacye Administrative Assistant/Database Manager 314-434-3690 Ext. 326
Fiala, Mr. Tom Director of Athletics 314-434-3690 # 145
Finan, Mr. Anthony G. Dean of Students, History (Chairman) 314-434-3690 # 141
Fitzgerald, Mr. Martin Director of Administration and Facilities 314-434-3690 # 320
Frentzel, Mrs. Stasia Registrar, Assistant to the Director of College Counseling, HS Receptionist 314-434-3690 Ext. 100 (HS Main Line) or 142 (Direct)
Frerking, Abbot Thomas, O.S.B. Abbot

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