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The Junior School of Saint Louis Priory School comprises the seventh and eighth grade students of our six-year program. Approximately eighty students are enrolled at the seventh grade level (Form I), each of whom is assigned an advisor for the two-year Junior School experience. Advisory groups contain 7 to 8 Form I students and 7 to 8 Form II students. Activities are varied between academics and athletics, and advisors also provide opportunities for educational and personal counseling and support.

The Junior School curriculum provides the foundation for continuation in the high school program. This curriculum is both rich and broad and encompasses not only the traditional core subjects such as mathematics, English and science, but also includes classical languages, modern languages, theology, fine arts, computer Science, and athletics.

Athletics is a very real and important component of the school day. As an integral part of our curriculum, athletics affords the opportunity for boys to develop physically as well as to learn important skills such as team-building, leadership, cooperation, and strategy. Sport choices vary by season.

Various fun activities provide balance to our academic life here. Birthday parties, Halloween celebrations, intra-advisory competitions, and service projects give us all a great sense of camaraderie and of compassion to those whom we serve.

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