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DATES:    4-week session

        Monday, June 11 - Friday, July 6
        5-week session
        Monday, June 11 - aFriday, July 13
        6-week session
        Monday, June 11 - Friday, July 20
        Independence Day Holiday observed
        Wednesday, July 4th
        Athletic camp starting dates vary.

AGES:     Boys and girls from age 11 to 18 are welcome to attend the Priory School Summer Programs.

FACILITIES: Academic classes will be held in the air-conditioned Priory High School and Junior House buildings.  The sports camps will use the Priory Gymnasium and Multipurpose Facility and appropriate athletic fields on campus.

TIMES: Academic courses meet for one hour and fifteen minutes unless noted otherwise.

COURSE DURATION: The duration of a course will vary according to whether the class is being taken for enrichment or remedial credit.  The majority of academic courses meet for at least four weeks. If a student wishes to receive make-up credit, that student will be required to spend five or six weeks in the program.

Note:     Some courses may be taken on a weekly basis.

CREDIT:  Normally 1/2 unit of credit will be awarded to a student for the satisfactory completion of remedial work.  A full unit of credit may be granted to a student if prior arrangement is made with the student's school.   

FEES:        The fee structure is as follows:  
$90 per week,  $360 for four weeks, $450 for five weeks, and $540 for six weeks. Fees for selected courses and athletic camps will vary.
All fees are due on or before the first day of class if a student is to be admitted into a class.
No refunds will be made after the start of     classes on Monday, June 11, 2012.  

A $25 registration fee will be deducted from any     amount refunded prior to the start of classes.

FEE ADJUSTMENT:  If there is not sufficient interest in a course, a student will be given the option of receiving a total fee refund or paying an adjusted fee based on the number of students in the class.  Most courses require a minimum of six students.
Individual tutoring is also available for most courses at $45.00 an hour.  (See page 17.)

GROUP TUTORIAL FEES:  The following fee schedule is applicable for Priory students doing summer remedial work.

        Class Size        Fee Structure
        2 students        $36.00 per hour
        3 students        $34.00 per hour
        4 students        $32.00 per hour
        5 students        $30.00 per hour

GRADE REPORTS:  A written report will be mailed to the parents of each student at the end of each summer program session.  It will indicate the progress the student has made in each course and, if warranted, indicate recommendations for further study and improvement.  In the case of remedial work, a separate report will be mailed to the student's school indicating the grade and amount of credit earned.

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