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dr. jared rashfordOur mission calls for Saint Louis Priory School to provide a “college preparatory education of the highest excellence.” To achieve this goal, we have designed a curriculum intended to educate the whole person. The various components of our curriculum address the intellectual, artistic, physical, moral and spiritual dimensions of each boy’s development. Simply put, almost everything that we do at Priory is curricular. This clearly distinguishes us from many other schools which allow students to opt out of developing certain natural talents which they possess.

Over a six-year period, our students follow a course of study the breadth and depth of which is next to impossible to match in St. Louis. In the early stages of their Priory experience, students are required to follow a prescribed, liberal arts, course of study. Such a curriculum provides the foundation which prepares young men for admission to distinguished colleges and universities, but it also enables them to undertake further studies with success since they have such a broad foundation. Within this course of study, we strive to impart the intellectual skills of inquiry, connection and reflection vital for success in any endeavor.

As boys progress through our program, their opportunities for variety in course selection increases. By the time they are juniors and seniors, they are challenged by Advanced Placement (AP) work in all of the disciplines. In the senior year, students largely sculpt their own curriculum in addition to writing a thesis on a topic of their choice, working with a faculty member on an independent basis.

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