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The Office of College Counseling believes that the most important purpose of a college search is to help students and their families define and find the right “match” schools for their needs.

The preparation for college actually begins upon entering Saint Louis Priory as a seventh grader. Each student’s program is carefully planned to establish a foundation for success both in admission to college and college life. Services provided to this end by the Office of College Counseling include:


1. Group and individual meetings throughout a student’s years at Saint Louis Priory School.

2. A web-based college counseling program that supports families and the college counselors throughout the choice process, including career and majors exploration tools, college and university information, scholarship and financial aid information, and application processing.

3. College Counseling Column, the regularly produced newsletter for college counseling, is sent to juniors and seniors each year.

4. Numerous college admission representatives visit Priory each year at the request of the college counselors to meet with our students and assist in the college choice process.

5. Advocacy for a student’s college applications throughout each step of the application process. This includes reviewing all portions of the admission application, writing letters of recommendations, making calls to admission offices and other assistance as needed.

6. Support for students interested in special aspects of the college choice process like athletic recruitment, learning disability programs, and scholarships and financial aid.

We look forward to working with you throughout your years here at Saint Louis Priory School. For additional information on the college counseling process please investigate the menu items on this page.

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