Thank you for your interest in Saint Louis Priory School,
and in learning what it takes to Be a Rebel.

Father Linus

Who are "the Rebels?" The Rebels are more than the approximately 425 boys at Priory; our parents must be given due credit as Rebels themselves for they form the matrix that supports these boys. Rebel parents share traditional values they wish to foster in their sons, boys who carry a little bit of a rebellious spirit that needs to be tempered, formed and honed.
Our skilled teachers are also Rebels, many of whom were once Rebels themselves. At heart, all our teachers are rebels with a cause, for they chose the noble profession of teaching so as to help form strong, independent men.
Finally, the most rebellious of the Rebels are the holy monks. They have chosen an uncommon life, a life of prayer in service to the Church through which they champion the causes of Truth and Love. In their zeal for Jesus Christ, the monks labor for the Rebel cause. They serve Priory boys now and have committed to this campus, this monastery, to be here always to serve Rebel alumni and their families.
I invite you to visit us...and Be a Rebel.
Father Linus Dolce, Ph.D.

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