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Through the generosity of the Saint Louis Priory School Fathers' Club, all Priory families have in their libraries Father Timothy's account of the founding of the school entitled In Good Soil. His description of the early history includes chapters on both the Mothers' and Fathers' Clubs.

Of the former, Father Timothy writes: "This notable organization certainly deserves its capital letters, but it has to be said that the idea was completely unfamiliar to the Ampleforth monks and was viewed by them with a hesitancy that verged on suspicion. On Wednesday, 24 April 1957, Father Timothy reluctantly acquiesced in the formation of the Mothers' Club...Their achievements shall be chronicled in due course; suffice it here to say that life without them is now inconceivable."

More than half a century later, the Mothers' and Fathers' Clubs of the Saint Louis Priory School continue building upon this legacy. All Priory parents are members of their respective organization simply by virtue of their son's enrollment. The object of the organizations include "acting as liaison between home and school, promoting fundraising...sociability, and school spirit." To that end, this page is a portal to keep you informed and engaged.

Parents also have access to the Parent Network of Catholic High Schools in St. Louis. The organization helps parents with the challenges of raising Catholic teens in today's world. Parent Network offers programs to inform and educate parents about the current social issues and pressures children face during their adolescent years.

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