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The curriculum imparts a solid, traditional liberal arts education through required course work in Theology, English, Classical and Modern Languages, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, History, Computer Science, and Fine Arts.  We begin to offer Honors classes in Grade 8 in the languages.  Honors sections in other disciplines begin in the high school.

Form I (Grade 7)    Theology, English, Latin I, French I or Spanish I, Arithmetic and Algebra I, Integrated Science I, Computer Science, Geography, Fine Arts (Vocal Music, Studio Art, Theatre Arts/Communication)

Form II (Grade 8)    Theology, English, Latin II, French II or Spanish II, Algebra II, Integrated Science II, Computer Science, World History I, Fine Arts (Vocal Music, Photography, Theatre Arts, Studio Art)

Form III (Grade 9)    Theology, English, Latin III, French III or Spanish III, Geometry, Biology, Computer Science, World History II, Greek I or Fine Arts (Stained Glass, Theatre Arts, Photography, Studio Art, Vocal Music)

Form IV (Grade 10)    Theology, English, Latin IV or Classical Civilization or Greek/Roman Culture, French IV or Spanish IV,  Pre-calculus and Trigonometry, Chemistry, U.S. History, Greek II or Fine Arts (Stained Glass, Mass Media and Video Production, Photography, Studio Art, Vocal Music)

Form V (Grade 11)    Theology, English, French V or Spanish V, Pre-calculus/A.P. Statistics or Pre-calculus II, A.P. Physics or Physics, A.P. European History or A.P. American Government, Art History and Electives (A.P. Latin V, Latin V, Computer Science, or Visual and Performing Arts)

Form VI (Grade 12)    Theology Seminar, English, Senior Thesis, plus electives chosen from A.P. French, French VI, A.P. Spanish, Spanish VI,  A.P. American History, Social Sciences Seminar, A.P. Calculus (AB and BC), Calculus/Statistics Survey, College Algebra, A.P. Chemistry, A.P. Biology, Astronomy/Environmental Science, A.P. Computer Science, A.P. Music Theory, Visual Arts and various one-trimester spring interdisciplinary courses.

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