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Congratulations to the 2011 MSHSAA Class 2 Champions

Priory Rebels

27- 0

Thank you to the Priory Soccer Faithful who supported the team
throughout this amazing season!

We have been blessed with almost prefect weather for racing all season.  Saturday was no different as 11 teams lined up for the start of the District 2, Class 3, boys’ race at Jefferson Barracks.  With sunny skies, a light breeze and a temperature hovering near 55, it was a day tailor made for racing.  Other than all the mole activity on the course, it was the best that we had seen the Barracks course look since the beginning of the year.  
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Our Invitational this year was dedicated to Brandon Hsueh.  Each high school and junior school runner proudly wore a small red and blue ribbon with the initials B H pinned to the left shoulder of his singlet.  This sign of solidarity was a great motivating force for our athletes.

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This year there was a new format for the League Race.  First, there was the inaugural girls’ race at 4:30.  This was followed by a first ever “joint” Varsity and JV boys’ race at 5:15.  Besides these changes, Principia had reverted to their “old” course after a year of construction that created a twisting and winding course last year.  Three days of rain had softened the course and the 60 degree, sunny skies had all combined to make for another perfect racing afternoon.  Our athletes were psyched to race.
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Varsity:  This is always an exciting race with teams from all over the state coming in to see what the competition is like.  This year four early girls races took all the dew off the course and conditions were near ideal, except for some softness in the course due to recent rains.  We had drawn lane 23, which turned out to be a blessing, since lanes 1 through 10 had to make a severe angle across the field to avoid the backstop.  Everything went off without a hitch as the runners sprinted to the first hill.  No one team dominated from the beginning as runners from 16 different schools were represented in the top 20 when they hit the mile mark.  Spencer came through in 27th and Ryan Donlin hit the mark in 50th.  Our five other runners ran as a pack posting 6:01 for their first mile.  Compared to last year the pace seemed slower and the mile times confirmed that suspicion.  The next mile saw Ryan inch up on Spencer and Danny Stein move slightly ahead of our pack, with Kyle Finnegan slightly dropping off the pace.  Cresting the long hill at 3400 meters, Danny Stein and Ryan Donlin started to consistently gain places.  Danny move into the top 60 and Ryan broke into the top 40.  The real surprise for us, though, was Peter Hilboldt who was out in front of both Zach LaVallee and Andrew O’Sullivan.  A strong surge up the final hill moved Ryan (36th) to within 9 seconds of Spencer, who finished just out of medal territory in 31st.  Danny was our third man in 52nd, while Peter, Andrew and Zach came across the line within four seconds of each other (65, 68 and 69).  The star of the race was Peter who ran within 11 seconds of his PR on a very challenging course.  With 18 full teams in the race Priory finished a respectable 7th.  A solid effort but one in need of improvement if we want to make a statement at the District race on this course.

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